Taking Stock in the Cosmos

I’m sure everyone has checked out their horoscope before. Whether it be out of sheer curiosity or because they read deeply into them, people seem to be naturally curious about the way their horoscopes might relate to their life. That being said, it seems that the majority of people don’t pay a lot of attention to online or newspaper horoscopes (though we all know a lot of us look at them and don’t tell anyone).

Lately I’ve been reading my horoscope, as I always do, but have been a little more hopeful than usual. Particular aspects of my life have been changing recently, and I will admit I have been jumping on the “reads way too much into her horoscope” bandwagon. I think it has made me more hopeful than I can afford to be, and I know I need to not take so much stock in it. Funny enough though, my other friends that are the same sign are experiencing some of the events in the horoscope. So, it leaves me a little bit confused, you know?

I’m sure I will work it out eventually, and take back the hold on my life and not base it so much on horoscope.com. So, my question for you folks is this: do you read your horoscopes? Do you believe they ring true?


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