Howdy! Long time, no see!

Things have been rather hectic since my last post, which I’m pretty sure was about horoscopes. I am involved with three different plays this semester, which is crazy considering that I also am managing singing lessons, Orientation Leader Training, five regular classes, desk work, and personal time.We just finished up Ducks and Lovers, Murray Schisgal’s comedy from the 1940s. Next up, Emily Mann’s Mrs. Packard and Eric Idle’s Monty Python’s Spamalot. Wow. Just writing that is intimidating to be honest. But you know what? Everything is completely worth it. It’s just a matter of managing my time!  Here are some tips for managing your busy college schedule!

Number 5: Write down anything and everything that is of any importance. Do you have a meeting at 2 tomorrow? Write it down! Do you have a coffee date? Put an alarm in your phone!  Even things that may seem easy to remember, like a password for a website? Put it on a sticky note.

Numero quattro: Prioritize! This is probably one you hear all of the time, and if you are anything like me, you still struggle with it at times. Something that helps me is utilizing a planner or calendar! If you know precisely what you need to get done, putting them in order of importance is so, so much easier when you’re finding yourself in a last-minute crunch! Speaking of that…

Nummer drei: Plan ahead! Planning ahead is much easier said than done, but if you can take an hour or so early in the semester to put your syllabi in your planner/calendar/whatever you use, as well as any important work/show dates you know of early in the semester, it will make all the difference later!

Numero deux: Be flexible! No amount of planning ahead will save you from the inevitable change of plans. It’s just normal for something to come up, for a teacher to change the syllabus, for a person to cancel a meeting, etc. Again, this is also much easier said than done. Some people are spontaneous, some people are completely by their schedule! Those are both fine, as is being in between! Maybe a cancellation will give you free time to get stuff done ahead of time? An addition is harder to deal with sometimes, but prioritizing and communicating with the source of the change can help!

Numero uno: Treat yo’ self. With a busy schedule, personal time may seem like the first thing to cut out of your schedule. Alas, you can’t forget to take care of yourself! Between all of the things you have to do, don’t forget to do something for YOU! Whether it be grabbing a cupcake, taking a nap, or watching a movie with friends–make YOU time. You are worth it, and you deserve as much love as the things you are working on!

There you have it! Some tips from me to you–they are by no means exhaustive, and they may not work for everyone, but if you choose to follow them, I hope they work for you! Do you have any other tips? How do you manage your time and stress in college?


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