Well then.

It’s funny how things work out. I got back on Saturday from doing Orientation at my school, Emmanuel College, and was leaving on a bit of a high. I was so thrilled to have had the experience and help the amazing class of 2017 get ready for Emmanuel. I noticed a stomach ache earlier in the day, but waved it off. Later on in the evening, I got very sick, and the pain centered in on my lower right abdomen. I couldn’t remember off the top of my head where the appendix was located, so I looked it up and yep, it was the lower right corner.

My mom brought me to the ER and I went through some firsts (a CAT scan, which freaked me out, and my first ever surgery!) and now I’m back home and healing. So, long story short, I had to get my appendix out, and all I can think of is how grateful I am that it happened when I was at home. Having this scare at school would have been much worse because my family would not be there, and it would have majorly cut into Orientation. I’m not really sure if there was a point to this post outside of feeling grateful that it was at home, actually. Oh well! I’ll make a post about Orientation soon, as well. : )


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